What is ExplainMySurgery.com

ExplainMySurgery.com is a HIPAA compliant, secure website using components of eSSI's LUCIDITY engine to create an environment where a patient can be prescribed educational and analytical modules that can be used to:

  • Educate patients on health care issues related to their health
  • Determine a patient's degree of understanding of the material presented
  • Determine point-in-time patient cognitive ability
  • Analyze patient potential for Opioid Addiction, Anxiety, Depression and other topical issues

Once prescribed the modules, patients are given access to the system, presented the prescribed information, and asked questions to determine degree of understanding of the subject matter.

The testing results are indexed and compared to patient peer groups, resulting in the production of an extensive peer group analysis. The results of the peer group analysis, analytical module testing results, telemedical history and physical results, and collected basic patient information are compiled and sent to the prescribing (referring) physician on a many page document issued from one of our physicians as a Confirmatory Consultation Report (CCR). The CCR summarizes the patient experience in the system, provides insight and guidance of areas of incomplete comprehension regarding the patient's pending procedure(s), co-morbid conditions, prescribed analytical modules, and other observations/comments originated by the ExplainMySurgery.com physicians and/or system.

The resultant CCR can be downloaded securely by the practice, printed, stored electronically, or even loaded into their EMR system, ultimately becoming part of the patient's medical record. For more information, a demonstration, or trial, please contact info@viaductinternational.com.