What is Lucidity?

ESSI's Lucidity is a tool that can be used to create online or cloud-based systems that deliver information to individuals, challenge/question/quiz individuals receiving the information, determine degree of comprehension through Socratic and peer group comparison analysis methodology, and report the results to selected/permitted users via any normal reporting mechanism in use today.


  1. Front End Delivered Information Creator
    • Module Creation
  2. Information Delivery Engine
    • Module Presentation (cloud)
  3. Query Data Collection Engine
    • Data Collection, Storage, Archiving
  4. Analysis Engine
    • Collected Data Analysis and Peer Group Aggregation Comparison Analysis
  5. Results Engine
    • Hard Data, Results, and Analysis Display GUI
    • GUI Display Creator


  1. Create Surveys, Educational Modules, and Questionnaires
  2. SAS Model with Multiple Configuration/Customization Options.
  3. Custom Access Portal with Re-Branding Capability
  4. Load Recipient USERS via CSV Files, Excel Files or Manual Import, or via Self Registration Capability
  5. Analyze User Results Versus Peer Group Responses
  6. Customized Results Reporting
  7. Cloud Based Access with Complete User Identity and Activity Tracking
  8. Multiple Access Levels And Permission Settings
  9. Multiple Response Types Supported - Multiple Choice, True/False, K-Type Multiple Choice, Yes/No Understanding, Pure Text Responses
  10. Customized URLs, Private Domain Hosting
  11. Survey, Questionnaire, Module Results Data Mining, Archiving
  12. Cross Reference Analysis - Real Time
  13. Automated Results Reporting
  14. Ancillary Service Module Development
  15. Secure and Encrypted Access/Use