Pricing for the various eScribeSolutions products and services is addressed below. In some cases, specific pricing is not available and will require a call to one of our sales associates.

Transcription - As different clients want pricing in different units, an exact price for transcription services is not available online. A short telephone conversation with one of our sales associates will enable us to provide you a price by the line, character, word, page, dictated minute, or whatever unit with which you are accustomed. As a general rule, the cost for our services is always less than an in-house service, typically by as much as 40-60 percent. Our pricing for hospitals is ten to forty percent below other outsourced transcription service providers, and our clinic/practice pricing is twenty to forty percent below our competitors. Regardless of the actual pricing differential, we are so confident in our ability to offer superior service at reduced pricing, that we guarantee our pricing to be less than your current service (whether in-house or outsourced), on a volume-to-volume comparison. If it is found that our pricing isn't less than your current provider, we will refund the difference. Give us a call to learn more at 1-800-665-3009.

DOCTORSbrowseTM - One license of our DOCTORSbrowseTM software is offered to all of our transcription service clients, free of charge. Additional licenses can be purchased for $880 per license.

EMRexpressTM - Our web-based electronic medical records platform is designed to be extremely user friendly and cost efficient. There isn't any expensive software or hardware to maintain. Transcription clients pay only a nominal monthly access fee of less than $100 per provider. Non-transcription clients may pay either a monthly access fee, or a per use fee. Free trials are available. Give our sales staff a call to schedule a demo and pricing: 1-800-665-3009.

Digital Recording Devices - We offer professional grade hand-held digital recording devices to our transcription service clients. The price for these devices is based on volume of use. Dictators desiring to use hand-held recording devices may purchase their own from an outside source (please contact us before purchasing to make certain that our systems support that device), purchase one from us, or lease one from us for a nominal ($25 per month) fee.