The software that we have created in-house enables us to provide you with the best quality and service in medical transcription. We continually improve and refine our software for better usability and more functionality.

EMRexpress - EMRexpress is a totally web-based EMR. A patient scheduler is part of the system in which functionality is fully integrated into the EMRexpress, thus enabling a user-friendly work environment.

An automated Appointment Reminder System is integrated into the EMRexpressTM Patient Scheduler module. A billing and coding module is available and can be used as a stand alone data repository or as a bridge to a billing service or alternate billing software.

MDTalk - Transfer voices from the digital handheld device to the PC for transfer -- with one click.

GENscribe - GENscribe is a totally web-based Document Delivery, Document Management, Client Management, and Workflow Management solution developed by ESSI for non medical transcription accounts.

QualCare - A minimum of 10% of all records are checked and documented as part of our continuous quality assurance program

MSIDB - Our powerful backend Database System provides a robust storage and retrieval mechanism for your records

Transcription Record software - eScribeSolutions, Inc utilizes a computer generated Transcription Output Record which gives you the most accurate line count.

QAC Records - To meet the JCAHO Regulations, a complete Quality Assurance Program is instituted. On request, this data can be made available for your records.

DOCTORSbrowseTM - DOCTORSbrowseTM software is proprietary software developed for the purposes of secure data transmission, document storage, document indexing, and document retrieval. This software solution utilizes FTP/VPN technology and resides on your WindowsTM based PC or server. This software solution is extremely stable, reliable, HIPAA compliant, and cost effective.