Our ability to provide you with accurate and reliable transcription with a fast turn around time is possible through our unique combination of services detailed below.

  • Full STAT transcription service is available with a guaranteed four-hour turn around time.

  • We can provide interfaces for your existing transcription software so that your computer systems and network can continue to function as they do presently with few modifications.

  • You will not have to worry about transcription equipment when using eScribeSolutions, as long as we are your primary transcription service. The telephonic dictation system is always available.

  • Our EMRexpressTM and DOCTORSbrowseTM EMR/EHR solutions will enable you to quickly and easily retrieve your electronically stored patient records. Our GENscribeTM platform allows the same delivery, storage, retrieval, and communication capabilities for General transcription, Legal transcription, and Financial Services documentation.

  • The ESSI ASCadvantage program is a collection services offered to clients that will greatly increase office workflow efficiency, increase patient care quality, and increase the operational bottom line.

  • The ESSI Session Scribe solution is designed specifically to support convention centers, meeting halls, universities, and the audio production providers of events. The service can be offered as a value add proposition or it can be used to create an additional revenue stream.

  • All transcribed files can be exported to all common document formats, including Microsoft® Word, WordPerfect, plain-text ASCII, PDF's, and other legacy document types.

  • Our computer generated Transcription Output Record software gives you accurate line counts.

  • We can create and / or customize report templates for you.

Handheld devicesWe also offer the use of lightweight, handheld digital recorders. These can be carried in your pocket for your convenience. When finished dictating, simply plug the recorder into a USB port on a PC. Using our provided digital transfer software, the files will be transferred from the recorder to the PC to our server where we will retrieve them.